Thursday, March 16, 2006

Medical Letters

Oh, I am trying to be proactive and get a couple of my doctors to address an old medical condition before I'm told I have to. I've been symptom free for several years and was told that there was no signs of the condition the last time they checked for it. Sorry to be cryptic. It's really not a big deal, but I don't want to elaborate... Needless to say, I'm in really good health and I take no prescription medicine. I haven't missed a day of work for illness this school year.

They don't make it easy for you though, do they? They don't have notaries on staff, and you have to come in for an appointment so that they can charge you. I'm sure it will all work itself out, but in the meantime it's a source of concern and frustration.

Yesterday, I received a new information sheet on a new Chinese baby girl that I'm sponsoring through Half the Sky. The other little darling was adopted according to the letter I received with the information sheet. That made me happy. This little girl, Wang Zi, is amazingly beautiful! I'm not exaggerating. She is so lovely. I want her! I really do! She's almost 10 months old and I'm sure she'll be adopted in the next couple of months, but I'm telling you, if I could choose my own, she'd be the one. She's gorgeous. Out of respect for her privacy and her soon-to-be adoptive parents' privacy, I won't post her picture. You'll just have to take my word for it - she's a beauty! Sigh...


  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger Kristin said…

    Yes, the doctor thing is a nightmare. We had a travelling notary with us and she was, of course, hourly, and the doctor kept us waiting 2 hours!! Think about writing your own letter and asking the receptionist just put it on letterhead... that worked for ys (sorry, if I have already mentioned this) and, as I had some medical stuff to clarify, I really wanted to make certain the wording was just the way my agency suggested!

    Happy St. Patrick's!

  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger Lisa and Tate said…

    MD thing was my biggest hurtle in the paperchase.... It was not health related, just a notary problem.... set me back 2 1/2 months....MD was the problem. Boy did she loose a patient in me.... Good luck and don't worry about old medical stuff... The question thingy only asks for current health, If I remember right.


  • At 2:24 PM, Blogger Sandy said…

    You're in good company with the doctor thing! I think I owe my doctor's office a big basket of cookies or something after that hassle! Make sure your agency helps you with the proper wording necessary!

    You really are doing great though in the paperwork process!

  • At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Judy Dumm said…


    My goodness, what a lot of red, red, red tape you have to go through! If all new parents had to deal with all the medical stuff, police reports, financial information, etc. before they could have a child, we would certainly have a different world. YOU GO GIRL!!

    Judy Dumm


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