Sunday, July 16, 2006

Worthy Cause

As a monthly contributor to Half the Sky, I received this email today. Please take a moment to read it and participate in this wonderful competition - all you have to do is vote. You need not make a contribution. Fifty Chinese orphans with disabilities may benefit from the time you take to participate. Voting ends on Thursday, July 20th.

Okay, now my long-dormant competitive nature is waking up. Remember the
Global Giving competition?

HTS was selected by to compete for funding and a spot on
their donation website. Only the top 3 of the 35 finalists will join the
projects donors can fund on the site. Voting ends on July 20.

After I wrote to you last week, we speedily soared to first place. Then,
a few days later, we slipped to second. Then to third. Now we’re in
danger of losing altogether.

This is FREE. It takes a minute. China’s orphans will be the winner.

Right now we’re falling way behind a project to provide technology access
for Pakistani youth and another to halt the brain drain in universities in
Mali. Those are, no doubt, worthy projects.

But it’s such a simple thing to cast a vote for our children — the only
China project in competition. Anyone with an email account can vote.
Your kids can vote. If you’ve voted already, won’t ask your friends to
pitch in?

Just go to, create a free account,
and vote. At this point, as voting draws to a close, we’d love for you to
look only for the project that’s called “Foster families for 50 disabled
orphans in China” and spend your “$100”. That’s it.

Note that if you find the Foster Family project and then go on to the next
page without voting, you can’t go back. And our project appears on a
different page with each new visitor.

So find it and vote. Then tell a friend to do the same.

It’s not real money. It’s easy. And over time, your investment of 1
MINUTE could be worth a great deal to China’s orphans.

Won’t you give it a try?

Come on, folks. I know we can do this for the children!!

Thanks so much,


Jenny Bowen
Executive Director
Half the Sky Foundation


  • At 7:54 PM, Blogger Connie said…

    Already on it. I got the same email today...thanks for posting yours!


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